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Washcloths Or Loofahs: What Is Better To Wash Yourself With?

Washcloths Or Loofahs
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Not everyone washes with just their hands. For people who like a lot more suds and exfoliation with their showers there needs to be a better option. So Washcloths Or Loofahs?

Washcloths Or Loofahs
Washcloths Or Loofahs

Take Care of Your Skin

It is important to make sure you are focusing on what is best for your skin at all times. If you experience any irritation or infection after using Loofahs or Washcloths, stop use immediately and consult a dermatologist for the best wash to exfoliate skin without damaging it.

Washcloths or Loofahs: Key Points

  • Loofahs are more exfoliating.
  • Washcloths are easier to clean and reuse.
  • Whether you choose washcloths or loofahs make sure it is best suiting your skin.

Pros of Using a Loofah

Loofahs are said to actually exfoliate the skin removing loose and dead skin particles. Dead skin cells sometimes clump around the top layer of your skin, making for a duller and less youthful appearance. Loofahs scrub this layer off gently and without disrupting the young and healthy skin cells underneath.

Loofahs is best-suited for cleaning large areas of skin, such as legs, back or arms. It also creates a faster process for cleaning harder to reach areas with its malleable bigger shape than your hand.

Loofahs does not need to be washed as often as washcloths, they do not hold pigment and dry skin as much as washcloths therefore there are minimal reasons to wash them as much as washcloths.

Cons of Using a Loofah

Because a loofah spends more time in the shower and generally never dries out, loofahs are notorious for being hotbeds of bacteria growth. Loofahs can contain fungal organisms such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa folliculitis. Which is why it’s important to make sure you keep your loofahs clean, replace them regularly and use them gently, try to not rub your skin too vigorously.

Loofahs are also less gentle on your skin, so if you have any skin condition such as rosacea or just have sensitive skin in general. Using a loofah could cause Irritant contact dermatitis which makes the skin red, inflamed, itchy and overall uncomfortable.

Loofahs are not really good for face washing, the face is the most sensitive part of the body to wash. The easiest part to irritate with harsh scrubbing and weird bacteria.

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Washcloths or Loofahs: Pros of using a Washcloth

Washcloths are excellent for cleaning your face, as the fabric on a soft, clean cloth serves as a natural exfoliant and helps to remove dead skin, oil and dirt from your face. A washcloth also gives your cleanser a helping hand, so it can remove makeup and other impurities faster.

A washcloth combined with a gentle facial cleanser makes an excellent weapon against oily skin.

Cons of Using a Washcloth

Washcloths need to wash more frequently, about 2-3 times a week just because you are using it on your face and washcloths are prone to get dirty faster. Using one cloth for a long period of time results in a dirty, oily cloth that is likely covered in bacteria and will eventually begin to mold.

Washcloths or Loofahs: Final Thoughts

Over all, both Washcloths and Loofahs can provide excellent exfoliation, particularly when skin is especially dry and flaky in the winter months. Personally we like Loofahs because they can also help enhance circulation and encourage pores to expel oil and other impurities.

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Washcloths or Loofahs: Beauty Takeaways

  • Loofahs are more exfoliating.
  • Washcloths are easier to clean and reuse.
  • Whether you choose washcloths or loofahs make sure it is best suiting your skin.

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